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Gas Electricity Is the Way Forward for a Brighter Future

Electricity is very vital in sustaining homes & the various institutions and gas electricity is its future. In this era, electricity is more of a necessity than a luxury as it previously was. Before the introduction of this form of electricity, coal and oil were mostly used. Apart from these other forms being relatively expensive, they also degraded the environment by polluting it. There was a need to come up with an energy form that will generate electricity more efficiently for a brighter future. The old adage couldn’t be truer because necessity is the mother of all inventions.

The introduction of gas electricity has revolutionized the industry mainly because of the many advantages it offers. Now, consumers have a better option with regards to their electrical needs. One of the benefits of this type of electricity is mainly its composition. It is largely composed of methane which burns in a cleaner manner than coal and oil. Methane emits carbon dioxide by 45% less than coal and 30% less than oil. Secondly, this type of electricity is easy to transport. It can be transported in tankers (which can use both sea and land) or via pipelines.

The second advantage of gas electricity is that it can be supplied to homes and piped to run many appliances. In addition to this, it is also supplied to homes that are not piped in small portable tanks. The third advantage of this gas is that it can also be used for vehicle fuel. Trucks, cars and jet engines can benefit from this form of electricity because, unlike diesel or gasoline, it is cleaner. Advantage number four is its use in producing ammonia. Ammonia is used in the production of paints, plastics, hydrogen and fertilizers. The fifth advantage of gas electricity is that it is very abundant. This means that the chances of it running out are extremely low. Additionally, it distributes very easily and burns in a very clean manner.

The sixth advantage is that it is very light in weight; lighter than air. This is beneficial in that should there be a leakage, it will dissipate unlike other heavier gases. Propane, for example, pools into pockets which are very explosive since air is lighter than it. Advantage number seven that this form of electricity has is that it can be used in a variety of ways. The gas can be used for cooking in homes, heating water, drying clothes, all other types of heating, backup power for the generator, etc. The multipurpose ability of the gas makes it very beneficial to many people. The eighth advantage of this type of electricity is that it’s more economical. When compared to the other types of electricity like coal for example, electricity generated from natural gas is extremely cheap. This is helpful since it is accessible to all the classes of people.

In conclusion, gas electricity is relatively safer than the other types of electricity. This is because gas electricity does not create electrical fields that are unhealthy in the vicinity it’s being used.


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