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Advantages Gas Electricity Generation

Gas electricity is a great source of power energy. Due to its burning nature natural GAS has become a very popular fuel for energy generation. In the past energy was mostly generated by electric power plants or coals, but now due to many technological, economic and environmental changes, natural gas is now being considered the fuel of choice for gas electricity generation purposes.

There are many reasons that are persuading people to rely on natural gas for gas electricity production. Also in the presence of coal this is the cheapest fuel that can be used to generate electricity. The reason is that though coal is the cheapest fossil it is also the dirtiest fossil and generates the highest level of dangerous pollutants in the air. In fact, the power generation companies are the most notorious for polluting the environment. Now new regulations to control the power plants from emitting these pollutants have forced the electricity generators to use different methods for gas electricity generation. The availability of new technology has allowed gas to play a very important role in the generation of electricity.

Some of the advantages of Gas electricity generation are:

Among all the fossil fuels available natural gas is the cleanest. Natural gas’ main combustion products are water vapor and carbon dioxide. These are the same compounds that we exhale when breathing. In comparison to natural gas the oils and coal are composed of much more complex molecules that contain higher sulphur and nitrogen content. Also a high ratio of carbon; It means that higher level of carbon, sulphur dioxides and other harmful gases are emitted due to the combustion of the oils or coal. All these emissions are really harmful for the health of people exhaling in this environment. In contrast natural gas combustion releases a very small amount of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide and almost no ash.

The green-house effect of global warming is an issue related to the environment that deals with the change in the environment due to increased levels of green-house gases. There are gases in our environment that regulate the amount of heat at the earth’s surface level. Scientists believe that an increase in the amount of these green-house gases in the air cause the environment temperature to go up that could result in many environmental effects that can be very dangerous.

Green-house gases consist of water vapors, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and also some engineering chemicals like cholorofluoro carbons. Though most of these mentioned gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, their level is continuing to be increased due to the burning of fossil fuels all over the world. All over the world people are seriously focusing on environmental-related programs. Natural gas is one fossil that is contributing positively to regulate the green-house gases in the environment.

Finally, our environment is becoming polluted due to the emission of dangerous gases and fossils into the environment by different industries.

Traditional sources of gas electricity generation are contributing most in this regard. However, advance technique of gas electricity generation is contributing positively and is helping us save our environment.


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